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Industries Served

We will help you to find the solutions you need to be price-competitive with our in house support staff and fast delivery times.

Retail Solutions

Trans-Tex works closely with industries providing branded retailing options for merchandising and safety requirements.

Garment Industry

Trans-Tex is capable of providing US-made quality products and services to the highly competitive and cost-driven garment industry.

Government and Military

Trans-Tex provides US-made dye-sublimation narrow web solutions to the US government and military sectors.

Sporting Goods and Recreation

Sporting goods and recreation is a dynamic consumer category, and Trans-Tex provides the printed fabric that is used in many product applications. Trust us to expertly produce your narrow webbing printing needs.

Consumer Goods

Trans-Tex can create various consumer products from our dye-sublimation narrow-webbing. The vibrancy of our colors help to create products that put smiles on the faces of people and bring cheer to thousands.

Promotional Products

With various product solutions and full in-house support, Trans-Tex can offer one-stop shopping for many of your promotional products needs. Whether for fundraising, revenue generation, or recognition, Trans-Tex will always meet the exact specifications of your clientele.

See our full line of product offerings or reach out to us for more details!