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Trans-Tex is the leading domestic provider of narrow web products and printing services.

Our finished products include:

  • Custom Printed Lanyards and Key Fobs
  • Custom Printed Pet Collars & Leashes
  • Custom Printed Shoelaces
  • Custom Printed Wristbands and Headbands

Our printing services include:

  • Drop Shipping
  • Blind Shipping
  • Custom Assembly
  • In-House Graphics Support

About Our Services

Trans-Tex has been the leader in narrow web dye sublimation printing for over 25 years.

Printed Narrow Webbing

We guarantee the highest quality heat transfer solutions for your projects, utilizing our in-house design and production capabilities. The graphic possibilities are truly endless. Intricate patterns, custom designs, corporate logos, and solid colors are permanent.

Full In-House Graphics

We are a custom printer, and our process begins with the art that you provide us. As such, your design needs are limited only by your imagination.

Flexographic Printing

Trans-Tex prints Dye Sublimation inks onto special flexographic paper. The designs are then transferred onto narrow web fabric.

Sewing & Assembly

The narrow web fabric is then cut and assembled in-house into a wide range of products for retail stores, sports marketing and promotional product distributors.

Ready to see what Trans-Tex can do for your business?