Digital Printing Services

We provide unsurpassed color vibrancy, color uniformity and contrast on durable polyester fabric with our dye-sublimation process.

Digital Printing

Digital printing services offers a good solution for shorter runs and fast delivery. Working with the in-house graphics department we will help you to realize your design goals so that you can satisfy your customers’ requirements.

The Sublimation Process

Trans-Tex’s sublimation, or dye heat-transfer process, is a permanent printing process that decorates webbing (including ribbon and elastic) with artwork specified by our customers.

In general, dye sublimation has two steps. First, we print a reverse image of a customer’s provided artwork onto transfer paper using ‘inks’ that are really polyester dye molecules suspended in a water soluble base. Second, we use a rotary drum press to transfer the image onto customer specified polyester webbing.

Flexographic Printing

Trans-Tex provides flexographic printing on heat transfer paper for dye-sublimation of narrow webbing. Our in-house proprietary print technologies allow for unsurpassed color accuracy and vibrancy for the best sublimation results. Jobs that run on our flexographic presses can be printed in four color process, four color process with up to two spots colors, or six spot colors.

Dye-Sublimation Printed Paper

Trans-Tex is a custom printer of multi-color heat-transfer paper for dye-sublimation printing on narrow web fabric. These papers are used in a broad range of applications, including elastic and non-elastic material. Our in-house design department insures that you will get the look you want for your project, whether it includes a vivid solid color or an intricate decorative design.

Trans-Tex uses only color-fast and non-toxic inks: solvents are never used. With Trans-Tex you are always guaranteed of an environmentally-friendly product that will meet your customers’ stringent quality requirements.

Printed Narrow Webbing

Trans-Tex will imprint your narrow web fabrics using our sublimation technologies. We guarantee the highest quality heat transfer solutions for your projects, utilizing our in-house design and production capabilities.

With Trans-Tex the graphic possibilities are truly endless. Intricate patterns, custom designs, corporate logos, and solid colors are permanently dyed onto one or both sides of the webbing.

Our Other Narrow Web Printing Include:

  • Printed Polyester Webbing
  • Printed Elastic Webbing

Weatherproofing options available on your narrow webbing fabric as a protection against prolonged exposure to the elements. Maintain the color vibrancy of your fabric through the application of our anti-UV and anti-moisture coatings

Printed Ribbon

We provide unsurpassed color vibrancy, color uniformity and contrast on durable polyester fabric with our dye-sublimation process. With this process, the art actually becomes part of the fabric, allowing for unsurpassed permanence in color and detail.

The Details

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